What We Do

Green Door Investing, LLC specializes in real estate syndicates. We use private investments to buy and renovate distressed properties.

  • We find the deals
  • We inspect and analyze properties for their rental potential
  • We handle the renovations
  • We manage the properties
    • Finding and keeping tenants
    • Collecting rent
    • Keeping the property repaired and valuable
    • Controlling expenses
    • Take care of taxes, insurance, utilities, etc
  •  We fund disbursements from rents collected

When you invest with Green Door Investing you can count on a collateral backed return that beats anything you can get at a bank.

How It Works

Every investor will receive a promissory note at the time of exchange and a lien on the subject property at the time of closing.

Each investor will in turn sign an agreement to take payment at their specific payout date and interest rate in return for releasing the lien on the property.

The shortest term will yield the smallest interest rate and investments over $10,000 will receive bonus interest of 1%.  Each deal will have it’s unique payback schedule to be determined before any money changes hands.

Why Are We Doing This?

We’ve grown our real estate portfolio over the years using banks and that has worked very well for us.

Recently, we learned of a new way to complete a real estate deal using private investors. In this way, you can benefit instead of the banks. Now you can get a great interest rate while having your investment backed by collateral.  This produces less risk and a higher reward for investors.

We would love to share the wealth with friends, family, and good people who are looking out for the future of their families.

There are not many solid investments with good returns today and we can provide one, so we decided to.

Who Are We?

Billy and Christina Linn have over 10 years of experience in buy and hold real estate investing with a total of 19 rentals.

Every type of property and layouts have unique challenges for tenants and landlords. We have experience with single family homes, townhouses, duplexes, fourplexes, and small apartment buildings.  We’ve dealt with long-term rentals and short-term/vacation rentals.

Christina, along with their 2-year-old son Archer, spends a lot of time working on rentals and keeping them as nice as reasonably possible. Billy helps when he’s available and we commonly use contractors when needed.

Billy and Christina’s rule of not renting out a unit that their family wouldn’t live in seems to satisfy tenants and units stay filled over 95% of the time they are available and ready to rent.


A contact form is coming soon for you to secure your investment slots.